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Humanitarian Christians Almost Have It Right

November 28, 2008

missionarySure, around here we are Atheists, but more specifically, we are humanists. Our primary concerns are not which god (if any) someone worships but rather if a person is actually doing good in the world and helping their fellow human. Of course, it is not that simple; to be blunt, I find that the ardently religious often get the whole definition of doing “good” obviously and horrifyingly wrong – Fred Phelps and the Taliban are just a couple examples that spring to mind.

That being said, the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision seems to be getting it right, aside from the whole peddling their creepy zombie god thing that is. Recently they have done some excellent work on behalf of women in the Congo. While I am glad of their efforts, I am also torn.



Christians Hate Mormons and Their Vampires

November 27, 2008

twilightIt is widely known that many Christians don’t consider Mormons to be real Christians because Mormon-Indian-Jesus is a bit different from normal died on the cross Jesus.  Apparently this feud extends even to vampire movies.  In WORLD Magazine, which promises “today’s news, Christian views” they blast Twilight for young girls’ “unhealthy obsession” with the books and film.

The reviewer, Megan Basham, is not satisfied with the old-vampire and dopey-teen being abstinent; apparently they can’t have any fun at all:

“Christian readers have heaped praise on the Twilight series because its main characters maintain sexual abstinence. Never mind that, like most modern vampire stories, Twilight substitutes blood-drinking for sex. Therefore, to commend its young lovers for abstaining from intercourse is akin to commending a chocoholic for abstaining from brussels sprouts.”

Clearly this is a serious danger.  Tweens all over are no doubt being inspired RIGHT NOW to engage in dangerous, sort of slightly erotic blood drinking.  She goes on to complain that the happy couple’s relationship is nothing more than “scowling and lust.”  Remember that it’s blood-lust because they don’t have the sex, he EATS HER instead.


Netherlands Hate Burqas, Niqabs and Oppression

November 27, 2008

burkaniqabThe Netherlands is banning Burqas and Niqabs for civil servants and university students. While I can sympathise with women who might feel this imposes upon their religious practices, I can also see where complications might arise: If you can’t see your student, how do you know who is taking their test? How can they even participate in class? On this one, I feel the liberal gay dutch might be justified.

RANT – Obama Will Abort and Consume All of Your Catholic Babies

November 25, 2008

saturnSecret Atheist Muslim Communist President-Elect Barack Obama continues to stand strong in defense of reproductive rights, and continues to take a lot of flak for it – even from his own liberal media allies. Obama loves reproductive rights, this is nothing new guys:


For Those About to Rock – We Oppress You!

November 24, 2008

burkarockSaudi Arabia can officially boast their first all-girl rock band – The Accolade. The girls can’t play public shows, pose for photos, or even reveal their identities – but what they can do is ROCK. When they start selling shit, give them your money; they’ll need it for fleeing their creepy oppressive country if their identities are ever discovered.

A note for members of the Saudi Religions Police – the above photo is not of anyone in the band, actually I have no clue who that is, so don’t stone them to death, kthanxbai.

[The New York Times]

Cannibalistic Evangelicals Consume Sarah Palin

November 22, 2008

canibal“Men who should be standing guard as the conscience of the country are instead falling in line with the feminist agenda and calling a family tragedy . . . a shining example of family values” says Texan pastor Voddie Baucham.

HOW DARE HE!  She has time to ruin government and serve moose chili to her family like a good wife in the time of Abraham!

Another Texan ministry leader, Doug Philips, declared “It’s more important for us to truthfully represent the priorities of Scripture than it is for us to win an election”.  Please, PLEASE!

[LA Times]