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Kentucky Homeland Security Office is God’s Fluffer

November 29, 2008

ky-hs-officeIn 2006 the Kentucky State Legislature, lead by State Representative (and baptist minister) Tom Riner passed a homeland security law stating that the key duty of the State’s Homeland Security Office is “stressing the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.”  That’s right GOD is the key, not bomb sniffing dogs, cops on the street, or radiation sensors – their answer is religion.



Freedom From Religion Foundation Sues Rancho Cucamonga

November 26, 2008

imaginenoreligionbillboardThe Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the City of Rancho Cucamonga over it’s involvement in the removal of their “Imagine No Religion” billboard.  The complaint states:

“The bedrock principle underlying the scope of the free speech protection of the First Amendment is that government officials may not interfere with the expression of an idea simply because some persons allegedly consider the idea offensive or disagreeable to their views.”

Where the hell did these pinkos get this idea, Karl Marx?  It’s not like we have that kind of culture eroding hippie-heathen trash in our laws.  Just ask Chuck Norris, the free speech thing is… umm… protecting your freedom to speak to… Jesus… yeah that’s it!

[Freedom From Religion Foundation]

ACLU Fights for Right to Park

November 25, 2008

parkingDeep in the hinterlands of Iowa the ACLU of Iowa has been waging a fierce legal battle to ensure that all citizens can enjoy the equal protection of street parking laws.  In Leon, Iowa, the city passed a city ordinance reserving street parking around a church for church goers only.  The city claimed this was in order to prevent street congestion.

If they were trying to clear congestion how is letting a mob of church goers park on the street going to help?  The city lacking for a reasonable excuse decided to make everyone miserable and ban all parking on the streets in question.   The ACLU wanted street parking on nights and weekends but accepted the parking-pocalyptic no parking solution and settled the lawsuit:

“We would have preferred that the city allow parking on weekends and evenings,” said Randall Wilson, the ACLU of Iowa legal director. “But our clients are pleased to no longer be singled out as the only residents not able to park on the street in front of their own home due to religious distinctions.”

I am glad the ACLU represents my values, free and reasonable parking for all!

[Chicago Tribune]

For You It’s Thanksgiving. For Chuck Norris It’s ThanksTAKING

November 24, 2008

chuck_norrisChuck Norris is devoting his Bruce Lee trained verbal right wing ninja skills to defending Thanksgiving from “secularists”.  In his fulsome defense of thank Jesus by having a non-biblical yet paganistic harvest festival day he explains his special idea of what freedom of religion means:

“The framers were seeking to guarantee a freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion.”

In other words religions are free to cram their big ol’ Jesus cock down your throat and you get to like it.

The First Amendment says:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

NO means NO Chuck.

[World Net daily]

US Bails out Economy UK Seeks to Bail Out Church

November 23, 2008

closed-churchIn increasingly secular Europe it’s hard to trick people out of their money unless you’re an Islamic Preacher or selling spiritual self help books.  England’s state religion is no exception and is projected to close nearly 10,000 churches by 2030 due to a lack of funds.

After much prayer (and lack of divine intervention) the Church of England is turning towards the most powerful force in Great Britain, the British Government, for help.  The plan is for the government to help fund churches that can be “centres of social regeneration.”

I hope they set aside some funds for church soup kitchens in their religion budget, after skimping out on the economic bailout they might need it.