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Anne Heche’s Mom Wants to Love the Gay Out of People for Jesus

November 28, 2008

norainbowchurchAnne Heche’s mother, Dr. Nancy Heche, is an evangelical speaker who has built a career on talking about how to love gay people while hating their gayness (them).  She promises “a message of love, hope and respect for individuals and families dealing with same-sex attraction.”  She’s a bit more realistic than many of her peers saying “You and I aren’t going to wipe out homosexuality… We can wipe out the hate and the confusion and the anger.”

You might be thinking that’s a little odd.  On one hand she just said she wants love hope and respect, on the other she just said she wanted to wipe out homosexuality while admitting that she can’t. For most people love and respect usually mean that you don’t want to wipe out other people’s cultures and relationships.  For example I love and respect vegetarians, I don’t want to wipe them out.

This is how these gay loving evangelicals think of homosexuality:

“homosexuality is sort of like type 2 diabetes: Certain people may be more likely to develop the condition than others. Factors like an abusive parent or childhood teasing can make someone seek out sexual consolation in members of their same sex.”