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Utah Town Proposes Free Speech Ghettos To Unfree Speech

November 29, 2008

A Draper, Utah free speech zone

The righteous population of latter day saints in Draper Utah are taking a stand against secular gay fascists mucking up their quiet lives and reminding good Mormons that hate isn’t ok while they go to pray at their yes on prop 8 campaign centers temples.

To counter all this free and unrestricted public assembly and discourse the town is proposing an ordinance that will protect the temple goers from the free liberal society that is infecting the holy land of Utah.  It will create “free speech zones” where you can engage in democratic dialog.  Outside of the “free speech zones” will be a Mormo-fascist zone where you can’t speak freely but you can get a $750 fine.

[Salt Lake Tribune]


Christians Hate Mormons and Their Vampires

November 27, 2008

twilightIt is widely known that many Christians don’t consider Mormons to be real Christians because Mormon-Indian-Jesus is a bit different from normal died on the cross Jesus.  Apparently this feud extends even to vampire movies.  In WORLD Magazine, which promises “today’s news, Christian views” they blast Twilight for young girls’ “unhealthy obsession” with the books and film.

The reviewer, Megan Basham, is not satisfied with the old-vampire and dopey-teen being abstinent; apparently they can’t have any fun at all:

“Christian readers have heaped praise on the Twilight series because its main characters maintain sexual abstinence. Never mind that, like most modern vampire stories, Twilight substitutes blood-drinking for sex. Therefore, to commend its young lovers for abstaining from intercourse is akin to commending a chocoholic for abstaining from brussels sprouts.”

Clearly this is a serious danger.  Tweens all over are no doubt being inspired RIGHT NOW to engage in dangerous, sort of slightly erotic blood drinking.  She goes on to complain that the happy couple’s relationship is nothing more than “scowling and lust.”  Remember that it’s blood-lust because they don’t have the sex, he EATS HER instead.


Twilight – A Tale of Passionate Mormon Jailbait Vampire Love

November 26, 2008

twilightSo, it seems that the author of these Twilight books that every tween girl is currently wetting herself over is a creepy Mormon who wears funny underwear but likes to walk on the wild side by drinking cherry Pepsi. This explains why those books/movies suck so much – MORMONISM. When the sexiest part of a gratituitous vampire romance novel is some constrained dryhumping then ur doin it wrong.

Fact- Mormons donate 10% of their income to the mormon church. Don’t give the big creepy homophobe Mormons any more of your money to fuel their fag-hating agenda. Instead, I will recommend five alternative vampire movies that won’t suck, will offend Mormons, and will let you sleep easier at night, you dirty liberal fag-lovers.


California’s FPPC Unfairly Wants LDS to Pay Its Fair Share

November 25, 2008


At the behest of secular gay fascists California’s Fair Political Practices Commission is looking into the Mormon Churches donations to and actions surrounding the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

According to the complaint issued by Californians Against Hate the LDS failed to accurately report monies used to support everything from websites to direct mail to a speaker’s bureau.  If the Mormon church is betrayed by the San Francisco values of California’s heathen government it may be fined thirty pieces of silver.

[Salt Lake Tribune]

Bonus! If you don’t like the idea of political churches being tax exempt while spreading hate and stealing your civil rights stop by and sign their petition.

Man kicked out of LDS for Mormon Porn

November 22, 2008

mormonsxposedChad Harry creator of and its “Men on a Mission” calender featuring hard-bodied mormon missionaries has been excommunicated from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  After having brought so much joyful masturbation to the people and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity the church had no choice but to throw the man out of the LDS.

[Fox News]