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UN Votes in Free Speech Hating Resolution

November 25, 2008

un-free-speech-120The United Nations adopted a draft resolution for it’s upcoming Durban II conference that attempts to ban “defamation of religion.  The resolution calls on all nations to make laws that criminalize what they call “defamation of religion”.  The measure was backed by a coalition of Islamic nations lead by Saudi Arabia as well as Belarus and Venezuela.

Hilel Neuer of UN Watch, a Geneva based human rights organization, said:

“These resolutions legitimize the criminalization of free speech in countries like Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.”

Moreover this will silence human rights activists the world over.  There are may societies, like that of Saudi Arabia, that oppress their people in heinous ways based on their religious convictions.  In Saudi Arabia, based on Islamic law, a woman who reports a rape can be stoned to death for adultery.  The UN just passed a resolution that would make saying that such a law is wrong a crime.  To protect theocracies against harsh words they’re trying to silence the freedom of speech and conscience of the entire world.

[Europe News]


Popenator to Islam-You Can’t Get Past First Base

November 24, 2008

poepnatorThe Popenator is not satisfied with the current interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Catholics.  On Sunday he declared that:

“a true dialogue is not possible without putting one’s faith in parentheses.”

Der Popenator also called for:

“a public forum the cultural consequences of basic religious decisions.”

Since Catholicism like all religions calls for obedience to their strict moral code in their eyes all decisions are religious decisions.  I took German 101 so I can translate this out of Popenator and into English;  he can’t agree with Muslims about the whole Jesus/Mohammad thing but he can agree with them about things like destroying your right to choose and annihilating civil rights for LGBTQ people.  Isn’t it wonderful that despite their differences religions can find common ground?

Mikaeel Jackson?

November 22, 2008

Michael Jackson has reportedly converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel.   It is still unknown whether or not he still calls wine “jesus juice” when he serves it to children in a coke can.

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