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Gays Consume Mormon Film Dude Richard Raddon

November 28, 2008

gay-winApparently Richard Raddon, the ex-director of the Los Angeles Film Festival is a big creepy Mormon homophobe who donated $1,500 dollars to the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign in California. Apparently fags, other species of gay, and their godless straight allies harassed Raddon to the point of insanity and now he has quit his job:

Richard Raddon stepped down as director of the Los Angeles Film Festival following a barrage of calls and emails protesting against his support for Proposition 8, the controversial ballot measure that was passed in California on Nov 4.

Oh hai, we iz comin’ 4 ur bigots. GAY WINZ!


Victory in Gay Florida for Gays, Children, Everyone!

November 26, 2008

gay-winFlorida Judge has ruled that the 30 year old Floridian law banning evil gay sodomite hedonists from adopting children is unconstitutional!  Now when gays aren’t busy making Jesus cry, shopping, or having buttsecks they can enjoy raising a fabulous family.

The Department of Children & Families has already filed for an appeal because they want children to have no home, no family, NOTHING rather than two mommies. And that would be funny, if it wasn’t true.