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Creationist Wiki Secretly Worships Stargate Gods

November 30, 2008

stargatesCreationWiki may pretend to be all about the book of Genesis but their logo betrays them!  In their logo they have a picture of the globe surrounded by a stargate from the Stargate TV/Movie franchise.  In Stargate there are no gods, rather there are evil aliens who pretend to be gods to get people to be their slaves.

We’re on to you CreationWiki!  Your scheme to have evil alien faux-gods take over our planet will fail!  No doubt the people who believe that they’re really Jedi will fight you to the last man.



Fabulous Gay Weddings Will Stimulate Your Economy

November 25, 2008


Gay people want to get gay married and have fabulous gay weddings, and if only you would let them do it they would spend a LOT of money in the process. Connecticut knows this and got on board the gay love train. Now little same sex wedding bells will ring across the state and $13 million dollars of gay love money will be pumped into their economy. California, on the other hand, hates money.

if the California Supreme Court decides in March that it will not honor the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed this year, the state will be forced to return the marriage license fees– a cost of about $2.9 million. Previously, the Williams Institute found that California’s same-sex marriage law would boost the state’s economy by $63.8 million, a revenue stream that has now dried up with the passage of Prop. 8.

Because who the hell needs revenue and salaries and employment anyway? We have some fine shelters here in the golden state and they are clearly not getting enough use. Oh California, fail. Epic fail.