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Eharmony – The Deep South Called, It Wants Its Segregation Back

November 24, 2008

segregation1Christian dating website Eharmony – a site which previously only allowed heterosexual men and women to join and utilize their service – has announced plans for a new dating site catering exclusively to gays and lesbians. This decision comes on the heels of a settlement the company made with desperate internet dater Eric McKinley, who was so sad that he couldn’t use eharmoney to find other secular gay fascists to gay marry him that he filed a complaint against the company.

Eharmony, rather than allow gay sexual deviants to mingle with good christian folk on their site, will instead pretend the internet is Kansas circa 1960 and build gays their own seperate (but equal!) dating site. This site will be called “Compatible Partners”, the most bland site name ever to exist in the history of internet dating.

Christians will boycott Eharmoney because they now facilitate the gay agenda of buttbuddy love, gays will boycott Compatible Partners because it is owned by a big creepy homophobe, genderqueer people will continue have no options whatsoever, and I will go on using OKCupid because I am a lazy bisexual who refuses to make profiles on multiple sites in order to satisfy my sluttery.

[The Friendly Atheist]