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Sex Abuse Victims Allowed to Sue Vatican, Jesus Will be Sued Next

November 26, 2008


The US Sixth Circuit Court of appeals has ruled  the Vatican can held liable for failing to protect children from priest sex abuse.  The ruling could also open the way for other complaints to find their way to St. Peter’s  such as those of holocaust survivors seeking to file suit against the Vatican Bank.  Der Popenator has yet to comment but he’ll no doubt be pleased when the Vatican’s sins come back as lawsuits and bankrupt the church.  Accumulating excess wealth is a Catholic sin now, isn’t it?

[Wall Street Journal] via [Pharyngula]


RANT – Obama Will Abort and Consume All of Your Catholic Babies

November 25, 2008

saturnSecret Atheist Muslim Communist President-Elect Barack Obama continues to stand strong in defense of reproductive rights, and continues to take a lot of flak for it – even from his own liberal media allies. Obama loves reproductive rights, this is nothing new guys:


Popenator to Islam-You Can’t Get Past First Base

November 24, 2008

poepnatorThe Popenator is not satisfied with the current interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Catholics.  On Sunday he declared that:

“a true dialogue is not possible without putting one’s faith in parentheses.”

Der Popenator also called for:

“a public forum the cultural consequences of basic religious decisions.”

Since Catholicism like all religions calls for obedience to their strict moral code in their eyes all decisions are religious decisions.  I took German 101 so I can translate this out of Popenator and into English;  he can’t agree with Muslims about the whole Jesus/Mohammad thing but he can agree with them about things like destroying your right to choose and annihilating civil rights for LGBTQ people.  Isn’t it wonderful that despite their differences religions can find common ground?

Thank GAWD!! The Popenator has Forgiven John Lennon.

November 23, 2008

poepnatorIn a stunning act of munificence, the Vatican has announced that over 40 years after the original comment, and almost 30 years after the artist who made it died, they are willing to let bygones be bygones and forgive John Lennon for his incredibly blasphemous (and quite possibly accurate) comment to a London newspaper in 1966 in which he stated that the Beatles were in fact more popular than Jesus.

The comment was particularly unpopular with American Christians, some of whom went so far as to destroy their Beatles albums (and then probably bought them again years later).