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Bacon as an Alternative Form of Worship

November 28, 2008

People everywhere are reaching baconlightenment thanks to the spread of a new and greasy wonderful religion called Baconism.  While not as ancient as some other religions, Baconism has a singular advantage over other religions: bacon can clearly be observed unlike crazy voodoo men in the sky who watch you while you’re on the toilet bacon is a clearly observable phenomenon.

The Holy Church of Bacon, which bases its beliefs on the Holy Book of Bacon, is the latest in a wave of food-based religious movements sweeping the country.  While the belief that pork products fried heavily in grease can lead to salvation has been met with criticism by some, I am willing to give it a chance as long as they don’t come to my door with books smelling of old ham and fried baskets of goodness to harden my arteries.

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