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Atheist Queer Elton John Hates Gay Marriage

November 30, 2008

elton-johnElton John is one of those Atheists the rest of us tend to hope people just don’t notice, especially when he is talking. Not to long ago Elton said:

“From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate.”

Ouch. Ban? Pretty wince-worthy. While these are exactly the kind of extremist comments Atheists don’t need to be associated with, at least the sentiment behind his remark is a sane one – that the world just might be a much nicer place without religion. As John Lennon said it, “Imagine No Religion”. Sure, I get that. We all do.

Then, Elton John starts talking about how Gays have no right to get married and he loses me.



Freedom From Religion Foundation Sues Rancho Cucamonga

November 26, 2008

imaginenoreligionbillboardThe Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the City of Rancho Cucamonga over it’s involvement in the removal of their “Imagine No Religion” billboard.  The complaint states:

“The bedrock principle underlying the scope of the free speech protection of the First Amendment is that government officials may not interfere with the expression of an idea simply because some persons allegedly consider the idea offensive or disagreeable to their views.”

Where the hell did these pinkos get this idea, Karl Marx?  It’s not like we have that kind of culture eroding hippie-heathen trash in our laws.  Just ask Chuck Norris, the free speech thing is… umm… protecting your freedom to speak to… Jesus… yeah that’s it!

[Freedom From Religion Foundation]

Australian Atheists Not Even Allowed on Back of Bus

November 26, 2008

kangarooThe Atheist Foundation of Australia was interested in following the example of the British Humanist Association and the American Humanist Assosication who have atheistic bus ads on busses in London and Washington DC.  When they tried to buy the bus ads the company that controls bus ads in Australia, as well as much of the billboards, refused to sell ads to them.  These are the horrifying hate statements they wanted to terrify the pious kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas with:

  • Atheism: Because there is no credible evidence
  • Celebrate reason: Sleep in on Sunday mornings
  • Atheism: Celebrate reason

As you can clearly see these people are dangerous.  Credible evidence?  Reason?  SLEEPING IN?  If people slept in on Sunday morning they might not be hung over from Saturday night.  If they’re not hung over on Sunday they might enjoy their day and be happier at work on Monday.  What happens Monday night?!  It’s a slippery slope that leads to the downfall of civilization.  Australia, we salute you for silencing this dangerous voice of joy and reason.

[The Friendly Atheist]

Fred Phelps’ Son Speaks out About His Abused Past

November 26, 2008

A Mattock

Trevor Melanson of The Brock Press had a chance encounter with a cab driver who turned out to be of none other than the son Fred “god hates fags” Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Nate Phelps was kind enough to talk about growing up under his father and his life after he escaped.  This is what his childhood was like:

“The mattock, a close cousin of the pickaxe… Its handle is a three-foot wooden shaft, twice the density of a baseball bat, and its dual-sided iron head is comprised of a chisel and a pick.
It was Pastor Fred Phelps’ weapon of choice when beating his children, says his son, Nate Phelps.
“The Bible says: ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child,’ and he would be screaming that out as he was beating us,” said Nate.
One Christmas night, Nate says Pastor Phelps hit him over 200 times with a mattock’s handle, swinging it like a baseball player.”


PZ Meyers iz in ur skoolz makin baby Jesus cry

November 24, 2008

pz_myersA brave soldier of christ has sent a letter warning Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty of Biology professor PZ Meyers “rabid attacks on our most treasured institutions”, calling the oh so Jewish Al Franken a “foul mouthed atheist” and demanding action because he believes “the future of the Republic to be in grave jeopardy”.  Meyers, an outspoken critic of creationism, proud “godless liberal”, and cracker abuser has posted the full letter (now with 150% more snark!) on his blog for your mocking reading pleasure.


Good Video, Bad Poetry

November 24, 2008

Ms. O’Godless and I went to the local Atheists United meeting today and its arts showcase.  We were treated to readings of selected poems from a new anthology of atheist poetry Above us Only Sky.  I heard a poem about giving birth.  I don’t care what your sacrum does, I DON’T CARE.  You’d think that atheists would have the literature thing down. Twain was a closeted atheist!  We have Joyce Carol Oats, Sylvia Plath, Oscar Wilde, and ALBERT CAMUS! What gives?  We’re not exactly lacking in the field, who dropped the ball?

Thankfully the songs by Jay Spears were amazing!  In the video for Smak Dem Christians Down Abe Lincoln, George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson beat an evangelical preacher with rolled up copies of the bill of rights.  Send Jay Spears your money, NOW.

Atheist Sues Over Forced 12 Steps Program

November 23, 2008

prison-prayerAtheist Barry A. Hazle Jr. was released in 2007 after serving a year sentence for drug possession.  He was ordered to take part in a rehab program centered on Alcoholics Anonymous “12 steps” which has god in 7 of 12 steps.

Mr. Hazle made a written appeal to his parole officer to be placed in a 12 step program and was told that all Northern California rehab programs are 12 step programs.  Three days after his complaint he was arrested for violating his parole and sent back to prison.


Atheist Billboard Removed By California City

November 23, 2008


The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Imagine No Religion” billboard in Rancho Cucamonga was taken down at the request of the City.

According to City Redevelopment Director Linda Daniels the city received 90 complaints.  Citizens were worried about the sign negatively impacting children, it is well known that encouraging children to imagine anything is extremely dangerous.

[San Jose Mercury News]