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The Divide Widens

November 30, 2008

church-split In a recent survey conducted recently by the Search Institute in Minneapolis, over 6,000 people ranging from ages 12-25 were questioned about their religious beliefs and the results were quite clear:  young people have a growing distrust in organized religion.  Roughly one-third of the people interviewed stated they have didn’t trust organized religious institutions while ninety-three percent stated they did believe in a spiritual side to life.

The line between spirituality and religion has always, for me, been a sketchy one.  Implying that human beings have spirits or souls hearkens back to even before Greek philosophy and early Judaism and has strong religious implications.

The researchers who conducted the survey stated that since it is, to their knowledge, the first of its kind, and it is still in the very early stages of analysis, it is far too early to make any sorts of assumptions based on the results.  Given the widening divide between secular Americans and those who are leaning more and more toward strong, sometimes almost militant religious movements such as Evangelical Christianity, only time will tell what the statistics truly mean.



Bacon as an Alternative Form of Worship

November 28, 2008

People everywhere are reaching baconlightenment thanks to the spread of a new and greasy wonderful religion called Baconism.  While not as ancient as some other religions, Baconism has a singular advantage over other religions: bacon can clearly be observed unlike crazy voodoo men in the sky who watch you while you’re on the toilet bacon is a clearly observable phenomenon.

The Holy Church of Bacon, which bases its beliefs on the Holy Book of Bacon, is the latest in a wave of food-based religious movements sweeping the country.  While the belief that pork products fried heavily in grease can lead to salvation has been met with criticism by some, I am willing to give it a chance as long as they don’t come to my door with books smelling of old ham and fried baskets of goodness to harden my arteries.

[Bacon Today]

Thank GAWD!! The Popenator has Forgiven John Lennon.

November 23, 2008

poepnatorIn a stunning act of munificence, the Vatican has announced that over 40 years after the original comment, and almost 30 years after the artist who made it died, they are willing to let bygones be bygones and forgive John Lennon for his incredibly blasphemous (and quite possibly accurate) comment to a London newspaper in 1966 in which he stated that the Beatles were in fact more popular than Jesus.

The comment was particularly unpopular with American Christians, some of whom went so far as to destroy their Beatles albums (and then probably bought them again years later).