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Atheist Queer Elton John Hates Gay Marriage

November 30, 2008

elton-johnElton John is one of those Atheists the rest of us tend to hope people just don’t notice, especially when he is talking. Not to long ago Elton said:

“From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate.”

Ouch. Ban? Pretty wince-worthy. While these are exactly the kind of extremist comments Atheists don’t need to be associated with, at least the sentiment behind his remark is a sane one – that the world just might be a much nicer place without religion. As John Lennon said it, “Imagine No Religion”. Sure, I get that. We all do.

Then, Elton John starts talking about how Gays have no right to get married and he loses me.



Idolator Worships Cow, Goes to Every Hell

November 29, 2008

elviscowApparently some farmer has now tried every religion and spiritual mumbo jumbo in existence, and rather than turn to something more sensible (like say reason) he has instead decided that Elvis -his 3,000 pound steer – is the messiah and thus will now worship him. This certainly means he is going to every hell that exists, except maybe the Hindu one because they really like cows.


Gays Consume Mormon Film Dude Richard Raddon

November 28, 2008

gay-winApparently Richard Raddon, the ex-director of the Los Angeles Film Festival is a big creepy Mormon homophobe who donated $1,500 dollars to the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign in California. Apparently fags, other species of gay, and their godless straight allies harassed Raddon to the point of insanity and now he has quit his job:

Richard Raddon stepped down as director of the Los Angeles Film Festival following a barrage of calls and emails protesting against his support for Proposition 8, the controversial ballot measure that was passed in California on Nov 4.

Oh hai, we iz comin’ 4 ur bigots. GAY WINZ!

Humanitarian Christians Almost Have It Right

November 28, 2008

missionarySure, around here we are Atheists, but more specifically, we are humanists. Our primary concerns are not which god (if any) someone worships but rather if a person is actually doing good in the world and helping their fellow human. Of course, it is not that simple; to be blunt, I find that the ardently religious often get the whole definition of doing “good” obviously and horrifyingly wrong – Fred Phelps and the Taliban are just a couple examples that spring to mind.

That being said, the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision seems to be getting it right, aside from the whole peddling their creepy zombie god thing that is. Recently they have done some excellent work on behalf of women in the Congo. While I am glad of their efforts, I am also torn.


Netherlands Hate Burqas, Niqabs and Oppression

November 27, 2008

burkaniqabThe Netherlands is banning Burqas and Niqabs for civil servants and university students. While I can sympathise with women who might feel this imposes upon their religious practices, I can also see where complications might arise: If you can’t see your student, how do you know who is taking their test? How can they even participate in class? On this one, I feel the liberal gay dutch might be justified.

Christian Josh Larson Has Total Broner for Batman, Hates James Bond

November 27, 2008

gay-batmanSo um apparently action heroes are getting angrier and angrier – a little too angry – and Christian Josh Larson is worried. Josh Larson likes his superheros unrealistic and cheerful, as the good lord intended them! To quote Joyce Carol Oates, ” When people say there is too much violence in my books, what they are saying is there is too much reality in life”. That is something to ponder, Josh – once you finish jerking it to batman of course. While he pops a broner for the dark knight, he condemns Bond – accusing the character of being well dressed, sexualized and various other Christian sins. He also seems to forget that both Bond and Batman are fictional characters and talks about them as if they are people. People that exist. Larson writes:

The fire no doubt burning in his heart, Batman nonetheless finds within himself a measure of compassion and grace – as well as the realization that dropping the Joker would not lead to true justice, but rather put him on that maniac’s level.

Or on the level of James Bond.


Twilight – A Tale of Passionate Mormon Jailbait Vampire Love

November 26, 2008

twilightSo, it seems that the author of these Twilight books that every tween girl is currently wetting herself over is a creepy Mormon who wears funny underwear but likes to walk on the wild side by drinking cherry Pepsi. This explains why those books/movies suck so much – MORMONISM. When the sexiest part of a gratituitous vampire romance novel is some constrained dryhumping then ur doin it wrong.

Fact- Mormons donate 10% of their income to the mormon church. Don’t give the big creepy homophobe Mormons any more of your money to fuel their fag-hating agenda. Instead, I will recommend five alternative vampire movies that won’t suck, will offend Mormons, and will let you sleep easier at night, you dirty liberal fag-lovers.


Victory in Gay Florida for Gays, Children, Everyone!

November 26, 2008

gay-winFlorida Judge has ruled that the 30 year old Floridian law banning evil gay sodomite hedonists from adopting children is unconstitutional!  Now when gays aren’t busy making Jesus cry, shopping, or having buttsecks they can enjoy raising a fabulous family.

The Department of Children & Families has already filed for an appeal because they want children to have no home, no family, NOTHING rather than two mommies. And that would be funny, if it wasn’t true.

Arrests Made In Cowardly Acid Attack on Afgan Schoolgirls

November 25, 2008

afgan-feministRemember a couple of weeks ago when some Taliban assholes in Kandahar, Afghanistan were so threatened by girls going to school that they sprayed acid on them in a drive by attack? Well, today those guys were arrested.  This is especially pleasing considering today is The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. No sentencing has been handed down yet, but Afghanistan has the opportunity here to make a giant leap forward and greatly impact their international image by bringing these men to justice.

Kandahar is the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban regime, the hard-line Islamists who ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, and one of Afghanistan’s most conservative regions, a place where women rarely venture far from home.


Fabulous Gay Weddings Will Stimulate Your Economy

November 25, 2008


Gay people want to get gay married and have fabulous gay weddings, and if only you would let them do it they would spend a LOT of money in the process. Connecticut knows this and got on board the gay love train. Now little same sex wedding bells will ring across the state and $13 million dollars of gay love money will be pumped into their economy. California, on the other hand, hates money.

if the California Supreme Court decides in March that it will not honor the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed this year, the state will be forced to return the marriage license fees– a cost of about $2.9 million. Previously, the Williams Institute found that California’s same-sex marriage law would boost the state’s economy by $63.8 million, a revenue stream that has now dried up with the passage of Prop. 8.

Because who the hell needs revenue and salaries and employment anyway? We have some fine shelters here in the golden state and they are clearly not getting enough use. Oh California, fail. Epic fail.