Humanitarian Christians Almost Have It Right


missionarySure, around here we are Atheists, but more specifically, we are humanists. Our primary concerns are not which god (if any) someone worships but rather if a person is actually doing good in the world and helping their fellow human. Of course, it is not that simple; to be blunt, I find that the ardently religious often get the whole definition of doing “good” obviously and horrifyingly wrong – Fred Phelps and the Taliban are just a couple examples that spring to mind.

That being said, the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision seems to be getting it right, aside from the whole peddling their creepy zombie god thing that is. Recently they have done some excellent work on behalf of women in the Congo. While I am glad of their efforts, I am also torn.

This we-are-bigger-than-our-beliefs stance is a temping one, yet I can’t help but think about down the road 50 or 100 or 200 years. With so much Christian aide (always accompanied by bibles, always) will the Congo eventually be prosperous and peaceful and predominantly Christian? And when that day comes, will they use their religious dogma as justification for systematic abuse and oppression of women, gays, and the irreligious – as has occurred again and again the world over? It is a strong possibility.

No, I cannot in good conscience recommend support a religious humanitarian group; the inevitable cost is too high. Yet, I cannot bring myself to fault support of them, either. Hell, if you are a Christian and you cannot tolerate giving your support to heathen godless secular groups like Amnesty International, then support for groups like World Vision is certainly better than nothing.

Hey, In terms of effectiveness, it sure beats the hell out of praying.

[World Vision] via [Christian Today]

[Amnesty International]


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