RANT – Obama Will Abort and Consume All of Your Catholic Babies


saturnSecret Atheist Muslim Communist President-Elect Barack Obama continues to stand strong in defense of reproductive rights, and continues to take a lot of flak for it – even from his own liberal media allies. Obama loves reproductive rights, this is nothing new guys:

“The act would invalidate the freedom-of-conscience laws on the books in 46 states. These are the laws that allow Catholic hospitals and health providers that receive public funds through Medicaid and Medicare to opt out of performing abortions. Without public funds, these health centers couldn’t stay open; if forced to do abortions, they would sooner close their doors. Even the prospect of selling the institutions to other providers wouldn’t be an option, the bishops have said, because that would constitute “material cooperation with an intrinsic evil.”

You know what? Conscience Clauses are utter bull. If you are employed in a job that your religion prevents you from preforming then you either need a new religion or a new job. I am a vegetarian and you won’t see me employed at the local DELI! Why? Because I don’t want to handle meat. I don’t expect to find employment there and collect a paycheck for not doing my job!

IF YOUR HOSPITAL RECEIVES FUNDING FROM THE GOVERNMENT THEN YOUR HOSPITAL SHOULD PROVIDE EVERY SINGLE DAMN MEDICAL SERVICE. That is it. The end. If your hospital chooses not to do that because of religious reasons, then kiss your government money GOODBYE.

And if stammering idiot lame duck president Bush tries to make any last minute laws protecting these insane people who think the government should pay them to NOT do their jobs, awesome choice-loving hero president-elect Obama will smack them down with his giant liberal shlong of JUSTICE!



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One Response to “RANT – Obama Will Abort and Consume All of Your Catholic Babies”

  1. Chris Altarkation Says:

    MMMMMMMMMM choice loving schlong of justice MMMMMMMMMMM

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